Plattered Lunch Wraps/rolls

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Please, get in touch if you are a new customer or ordering for more than 50 people.

The price is per person and includes:

    • Plattered wraps/rolls.

    A mixed platter of rolls and wraps made with a variety of premium fillings.

    • Cake platter.
    • Fruit Platter.

    *Extras available:


    Drinks (Coke, Fanta, Sprite, San Peregrino...)


    Special requirements

    If you do have any special requirements for your order please add that to the comments in the checkout!

    Allergy information

    Please be aware there maybe hidden allergens within some of our products. While every attempt is made to to accommodate allergies, we cannot guarantee any of our food prepared on the premises are 100% allergen free. If you have a food allergy please call for more information.