Film & TV Production Catering

Lights, Camera…..Action!

Edinburgh is a hotspot for film and production work, as well as being the host to a wide and eclectic annual musical program – and lest we forget the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world!

Yes, it’s safe to say this is a city that embraces art and culture like no other and it was because of this, that we set up our dedicated production catering service.

Production work can be long and gruelling, the hours can be unsociable and the work itself can be physically demanding. Anyone who has ever worked in production will know that it is the production team that are the real stars of the show!

One reward for this hard work and dedication can be to provide your production team with some great fresh food – in steps Embo!

We provide production catering for DF Concerts, T in the Park, The Dance Base and of course, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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If you would like to discuss production catering, please pick up the phone today and give us a call – we love to hear from new clients.